On-going professional development and education is incredibly important in the beauty industry. Working in such an innovative and constantly changing industry means that therapists must keep up to date with their skills and knowledge. We know that finding the time in your busy schedule can be hard when finding time to send your staff to training. That’s why we’ve introduced In-Clinic Education – where ACTI makes education at your workplace easy.

ACTI is able to deliver quality, dynamic and informative educational workshops at your clinic, spa or salon to take the hassle out of attending external training courses. We have an incredible education experience available for you and your team with In-Clinic Education.

ACTI’s In-Clinic Education is designed to bring ACTI education to your clinic, spa or salon at a time that is convenient for you. ACTI’s In-Clinic Education programs are designed to suit your needs. Not only do we offer a variety of packages, we also offer a variety of course topics to choose from.

There are two easy steps to In-Clinic Education with ACTI:

Step 1: Choose your time frame. We offer five options – 1.5, 3, 6, and 8-hour training options so that you can work in a time frame that works for your clinic. In-Clinic Education can begin as early as 7am, and finish as late as 9pm.

Step 2: Choose your units. We have 12 units to choose from that cover the skin, skin treatments, skin conditions, body systems, and consultations.

For more information about ACTI’s In-Clinic Education including pricing, available topics and certification, visit https://actitraining.com.au/incliniceducation/.

Bookings can be made via email at info@actitraining.com.au or via phone on 02 6176 3411.