Moving to Canberra


Moving to Canberra

Do you live outside of Canberra and are considering training here? Canberra is the capital city of Australia with a population of around 400,000 people. Canberra offers the benefits of a big city, without the traffic, pollution or congestion. The open spaces, vibrant city, and relaxed atmosphere have had Canberra ranked as the best city to live in the world (OECD 2014). Canberra is known for its multicultural population and welcomes students from around Australia and the world to our community. Visit for more information on the benefits of studying and living in Canberra.

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Cost of Living in Canberra

Living costs in Canberra will vary, depending on your individual needs, including lifestyle, spending habits, and location. We have outlined some costs that might affect your situation when studying in Canberra. (Please remember this is a guide only. For more information on managing your money, please visit

General Living Expenses *Guide Only

Public Transport $ 20-60 a week
Petrol $ 1.40 per litre (2018, according to Fuel Check)
Utilities $ 20-60 a week
Restaurant Meal (for one) $ 20-30
Takeaway Coffee $ 4.00
Mobile phone services $ 40-60 a month

Accommodation *Guide Only

Rent (single) $325-800 a week
Share house/Shared rental $150-350 a week


Visit for more information on the cost of living in Canberra.