International Students

Australian Capital Training Institute welcomes students from all around the globe. Our facilities are specifically designed to cater for international students.

Applying for our courses

In order to complete your training with Australian Capital Training Institute, registration is required via our website through the Apply Now section. Your application needs to be submitted with evidence of your English language proficiency score and visa status (if applicable). Our friendly administration team will assess your application.

All ACTI applicants are expected to pass the entrance exam. This assesses language, literacy and numeracy levels.

Health Cover

To study in Australia, all overseas students who are studying must have private health insurance as a condition of their student visa. ACTI will not arrange your student health cover and it is the student’s responsibility to have this organised prior to and for the duration of their stay in Australia.

English language proficiency

Australian Capital Training Institute requires a high level of proficiency in written and oral English. International students will be required to sit a language, literacy and numeracy exam with their application.

For more information regarding living in Canberra and starting a life in Australia, visit the Department of Social Services to download more information.