A Career In Beauty Therapy: Caddie Robinson

A Career In Beauty Therapy: Caddie Robinson

Find Your Career in Beauty Therapy

with Caddie Robinson

A career in beauty therapy can take you places you may not have considered before. From a career in the traditional spa to a career educating future beauty therapists, there are incredible opportunities available in the beauty industry.

This week on the “A Career in Beauty Therapy” series, we catch up with Caddie Robinson – business owner, skin therapist and all-round amazing woman!

Tell us about you!

I was 17 when I moved from a small country town to Canberra to complete my Beauty Therapy diploma. I was awarded student of the year and landed an amazing job at a beautiful 5-star Day Spa in town.

After many years of working in some beautiful Spas, I longed to work with more advanced products and treatments. I loved working in beautiful places and offering luxurious treatments but I couldn’t deliver the results using cosmetic spa brands.

I grew up in my family-run businesses and always thought one day I’d have my own. At 24 years old, I came across a little commercial property while I was out walking one day. It was perfect! After 8 months planning and building, a lot of stress and sleepless nights, Le Beaute Lounge was open.

My goal for my salon was very clear;

I offered high-performance treatments and products but delivered them with a spa touch to them

To create an environment my staff would enjoy coming to as much as my clients would

Do what I love for as long as I love to do it for.

The salon grew and evolved over the years, I jumped on the opportunity to expand and literally doubled our salon size almost 4 years ago. I definitely don’t ever aim to be the biggest salon or have numerous locations, we maintain a small team of highly trained therapists who all share the same passion for skin revision. Don’t get me wrong, we do still love our beauty treatments, waxing, tanning, manicures, pedicures etc we and we offer beautiful personalized experiences for our clients while making everyone feel very welcomed and relaxed.

My most recent business venture is the development of The Beauty & Wellness Hub. But I can tell you more about that another day!

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Tell us about your career in beauty therapy.

I began as a spa therapist, mainly because I loved working in beautiful places. I had a passion for health and wellness and loved the link between the industries. Health and wellness work hand in hand with maintaining healthy, glowing skin.  My parents owned their own business and were my greatest support when taking the leap to open Le Beaute Lounge. Owning a business is hard work, long hours, usually pretty stressful but it is very rewarding seeing my team grow and evolve as therapists and seeing what positive impact we have on many of our clients. 

Le Beaute Lounge opened in 2009 and has had an impressive 10 years providing advanced beauty treatments to Canberrans. Your clinic focuses more so on the skin and corrective treatments. Tell us more about this.

We love skin. And we love seeing how we can improve someone day by not only making them look good and revise their skin concerns we love that they feel relaxed and refreshed after their treatments. Everyone is time-poor these days, if our clients have chosen to give up their time to see us for a skin correction treatment, that typically is more of a clinical style treatment, we go above a beyond to create an experience for them. Offering a mix of results and relaxation is our way of giving just that little bit extra.

I definitely love to learn anything skin, whether it be a new advanced treatment or product on the market or a wellness style course about gut health, hormones or nutrition, it all helps when we are working out the ‘why’ when addressing skin concerns.

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What is the best piece of advice that you could pass on to someone considering a career in beauty therapy?

Find a mentor and learn as much as you can from them.

Be a reliable and respectful employee and team member.

Working well in a team, regardless of the size of it is very important in the beauty industry. Everyone should be leaning and supporting each other other than trying to compete against one another. Salon culture is very important in creating an environment where everyone is happy.

Why do you love your career in beauty therapy?

I love that it continually changes and evolves. There is always something new to learn and it can take you down so many different avenues. As a therapist, you can really find your niche and focus on what you love to do.

Caddie Robinson – Le Beaute Lounge

You can find out more info about Le Beaute Lounge on our website www.lebeautelounge.com.au

Instagram page @lebeautelounge or Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pg/Le-Beaute-Lounge

You can also reach out to Le Beaute Lounge at hello@lebeautelounge.com.au

While we’ve got you, Le Beaute Lounge is currently interviewing for a new team member. They are looking for someone who is reliable, motivated and passionate about all things skin, beauty and wellness. If this sounds like you, they would love you to join their team!  You can apply via email – hello@lebeautelounge.com.au.

We are so incredibly grateful to Caddie for sharing her experience in the beauty industry.

For more guidance about your future career in beauty therapy, chat to the expert team at ACTI at 02 6176 3411.

A Career In Beauty Therapy: Lori Ward

A Career In Beauty Therapy: Lori Ward

Find Your Career in Beauty Therapy

with Lori Ward

A career in beauty therapy can take you places you may not have considered before. From a career in the traditional spa to a career educating future beauty therapists, there are incredible opportunities available in the beauty industry.

This week on the “A Career in Beauty Therapy” series, we catch up with Lori Ward – all the way from Idaho, USA. Lori is the owner and founder of LW Skin Care – a skin clinic that specialises in age and acne management. We loved speaking with Lori about all things business, skin, and education.

Everyone, let’s meet Lori!

My name is Lori Ward. I’m an Entrapreneur, and an Aesthetician. My story began 3 years ago when I joined my daughter Rilee and attended Aesthetic School together every day for 4 months. It was her dream to learn about skin and makeup, but I had never had a facial before – I just knew I liked connecting with people and I wanted to take better care of my own skin. Plus, I liked helping other people feel good as well! I was the oldest in my class at 42!

When we graduated Rilee worked at the Paul Mitchell School front desk and I started my own skin business inside my house. I kicked my hubby out of his office and painted the room and installed a new door. A year and a half later, I created another treatment room out of a large pantry, hired Rilee and another Aesthetician. Two years after graduating from Aesthetic School, we moved out of our home-based clinic and into a beautiful brick and mortar building on Main Street with four gorgeous treatment rooms and a large front area, plus a product room for clients to feel at home and safe in.

My job has gone from being a solo Aesthetician 6 days a week to just one day a week. Now I manage a team of five staff. Running the business full time and creating all the content for my social media accounts is a FULL-TIME JOB in itself! That transition was really hard for me because I wasn’t sure where I belonged. That mental transition from being so hands-on as a therapist, to being hands-on in a different way, took about a year for me to feel comfortable in what I was doing behind the treatment table and behind the computer!

But back when I first started, I just tried it all- waxing, lashes, spray tans, you name it. And I loved learning all those things- but I wanted more. I wanted to fix a problem. I loved thinking and problem solving and finding solutions. I was really drawn to treating acne because I wanted people to have options besides only treating acne with prescriptions. Three of my four kids did several rounds of Accutane each and it always came back, plus it was really frustrating to see them suffer from extremely dry and painful skin during the process and I didn’t know how to help them.

I started looking at acne as fun to treat and felt confident in clearing every type of skin that came through my doors.  I cut out lashes, waxing, and spray tanning and focused exclusively on the skin and that’s when my business really took boomed!

In America, you have aestheticians who are specially qualified and licenced. For the Aussie readers, what does an aesthetician do and how do you become one?

In the state of Idaho in the United States, the requirements are 600 hours which is around 4 months of education. We are also required to pass 2 state board exams. For most of you reading this, you’re probably gasping at how little our education is compared to yours which is SO TRUE! Because of that, many Estheticians feel like they didn’t get enough schooling and I would agree- however there are excellent schools and online training to further your education after school. You never stop learning and with the internet, you can take a class anywhere anytime. In other states, the hours may be longer to graduate, but for Idaho, it was a short amount of time.

An Aesthetician learns waxes, spray tans, facials and chemical peels. I learned microneedling, dermplaning, advanced chemical peels, nutrition and wellness as well as acne after school. I love being an Aesthetician in Idaho because we are allowed to do so many things without being under a Doctor’s supervision. But that also means you must really know what you’re doing and be sure to do it RIGHT! It’s important to network with other estheticians online and in person so that you can stay up on better ways to do treatments etc. 

Let’s talk career. 

My career has been relatively short if you were to compare me to someone else whose been in Aesthetics for years.  When I just got started in my business, I hired a life coach and that was the best investment I ever made in myself and my business. I was able to work through a lot of fears and personal issues that held me back from being successful and because of that I feel it really helped me to accelerate my growth and achieve everything I set out to accomplish. (I still have a coach!) 

I also hired a business coach who is also an accountant and runs a successful clothing business with his wife. He helped me create systems and to organize everything necessary to move from a home-based business to a brick and mortar clinic. Moving into our clinic was the highlight, the greatest triumph, and the biggest struggle mentally and emotionally that my entire team overcame. It was not easy! It took months of preparations, but we did it! Everyone needs a coach- you can’t get to the Olympics without one and if you are trying to accomplish big things in your life that scare the crap out of you, you need someone to help you! I attribute my success to hiring a coach! 

You’ve recently opened your brand-new clinic. What has it been like running your own business?

Running my own business has been a work in progress and it starts with my team. Without them we could not help the amount of people that we do. I put a lot of time into training and keeping in communication with them. Leading a team is work but I wouldn’t want to do anything else! I feel so much gratitude towards them every single day and I do not take them for granted! I’d say the hardest part of running a business is finding the right person to join your team. They must be confident, work hard and love what they do AND love their clients. Confidence must be in their DNA! That’s why I’m a confidence fanatic- my clients require US to have the confidence to get them get clear! 

What is your approach to achieving healthy skin?

Our approach to healthy skin is to first start with educating our clients- I can’t stress enough the importance of a successful and detailed consult with your client! We cover nutrition, being consistent with a daily skin routine and regular treatments as well as realistic expectations and goals setting to help them achieve their best skin. I never really understood the connection between nutrition and good skin until I started studying and reading more about it after school. Skin is a holistic approach and everything from eating sugar, drinking water, sleep, mental wellness, hormones and the foods we eat play a huge part in achieving healthy skin! Everything is connected, so we spend a lot of time helping and supporting our clients in making the changes to have lasting beautiful skin. I love the relationships we develop along the way with our clients. They trust us and see us practicing what we preach as well!

Your clinic specialises in acne and ageing skins. What is the reason behind this?

I felt compelled and inspired to treat acne -not only as an aesthetician but from a mom’s point of view because my own kids were very self conscious about their skin and went the Accutane route several times. It was very frustrating for me because I didn’t know how to help them and now, I do- and because I am older my clients trusted me as a mom while helping them. Age management is very dear to my heart because I am 45 and care deeply about being an advocate for aging well. You don’t have to look worse and hate yourself at each birthday- you can be proactive about aging and have better skin then you did the year before by always wearing sunscreen, changing your diet, using pharmaceutical grade skin care, doing regular skin treatments, and putting yourself first. I don’t agree with the saying “age gracefully” I say “age beautifully’! My goal has always been to look better each year then I did the last! Change up the hair colour, spray tan, take advantage of anti-wrinkle injections and fillers – this is a great time to be alive! Acne and Age management is our jam!

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in beauty therapy?

My best advice for anyone is to ignore how old or how young you are and go for it. There is room for everyone and in fact, I feel like the older you are entering the aesthetic world, the better because of all the wisdom, knowledge and life experiences you bring to your clients. Never EVER feel like you’re too old to go for it! So many women I meet through Instagram feel they are too old to start over and that is just not true!

If you are curious about aesthetics, go for it.

If there are a million estheticians out there, no one can do it like you. Go for it anyway.

If you connect with others by serving, Go for it.

If you love making people feel good, Go for it.

If it scares the crap out of you, Go for it.

If you like problem-solving and being in charge of your future, Go for it!

If you want to make a difference in someone’s life, Go for it!

If you like results and a good before and after, Go for it!

I guess the point I’m trying to make is Go for it. Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Study hard, put in the work and plan on lots of continuing education. Network with others, get clear on your goals and who you want to serve. Focus on your client like your life depends on it and give them the service and treatment that you would want to have- I teach my team to think like a client! At the end of the day, the way you treat your client and the results you help them achieve is all that matters! Always have integrity, honesty and above all else, HAVE FUN!

To find out more about Lori and her amazing clinic you can:

Find LW Skin Care online at

Get social on Facebook:

Check out LW Skin Care’s Instagram:

We are so incredibly grateful to Lori for sharing her experience in the beauty industry.

For more guidance about your future career in beauty therapy, chat to the expert team at ACTI at 02 6176 3411.

A Career In Beauty Therapy: Alex Hankin

A Career In Beauty Therapy: Alex Hankin

Find Your Career in Beauty Therapy

with Alex Hankin

A career in beauty therapy can take you places you may not have considered before. From a career in the traditional spa to a career educating future beauty therapists, there are incredible opportunities available in the beauty industry.

This week on the “A Career in Beauty Therapy” series, we catch up with Alex Hankin – a truly inspiring business owner, lash expert and founder of Battle Lashes.

Tell us about BatteLashes!

We founded Battle Lashes with one goal in mind: providing a high-quality, smart, and reliable Service. 

Battle Lashes is a well-established eyelash enhancement studio in Canberra, Australia. Battle Lashes focuses strongly on the correct and safe application of your enhancements ensuring eye safety.
We focus strongly on our eyelash technique and knowledge to create a softer and lighter enhancement to suit each individual. At Battle Lashes we believe the quality of education for the consumer will define higher standards of services in the industry.

 Lash extensions are the number one beauty must for instant gratification, and the trend of having false lashes is rapidly increasing. But, we have to remind people that lash extensions can cause damage if they are not applied correctly! We don’t want to put a downer on lashes or anyone but it’s not a joke when proper eye health and lash care comes into play. That’s where Battle Lashes comes in, and that’s how we got our reputation. 

How incredible do lash extensions make you feel! My personal journey in lashes started early. I’ve had an obsession with lash enhancements since I was a young teen. My lash obsession has led me to over 10 years of service experience and an incredible business model!

Tell us about your career in beauty therapy.

,I always had an eye for lashes! I was always obsessed with anything I could put on my eyes to enhance them. Whilst in high school I was given the incentive to attend two days at TAFE to study hair dressing (which was the closest thing to beauty in a small country town). Once I had finished high school and my first year in hairdressing, I moved straight to Canberra to study Beauty Therapy to add yet another trade skill to my repertoire. Although I didn’t go straight into beauty once I was qualified, I did manage to land my first job in beauty less than 12 months after moving to Canberra, and this is where I got to start applying lashes. The only reason I got to apply eyelash extensions as a junior was because no one else wanted to nor did they like the service. Fast forward a few office jobs, a stint in the Army, a child, and an online kids clothing brand, I started lashing for friends and family to help support both my son and myself. Two weeks after returning home from the Army I starting lashes again. I registered the business name Battle Lashes and 4 years later here I am! A reputable salon, an incredible team, our own line of lashes and an education section to enforce the fundamentals of safe and lasting lashing!

Your tag line is “LASH SPECIALISTS “the precision of a surgeon, the vision of an architect”. Tell us more about this.

This tagline really represents how we at Battle Lashes approach styling and creating the perfect set of lashes tailored individually to each client. We are meticulous in the way we work – steady hands, focused, and committed to making your lashes and your experience in the salon the best it can possibly be. Each client, each eye and each face is completely unique. There isn’t a “one size fits all” solution when it comes to lash extensions. We look at your entire face, your face shape, and eye shape, along with your natural lashes and create the perfect look for you.

Why is beauty therapy education so important for your business?

Understanding the in’s and out’s of the human body from a beauty perspective is vital for lash technicians. Understanding the anatomy of the eye, what it does along with the natural lash cycles and contraindications are what make great technicians. Also, understanding the salon environment is important from a business perspective. A business can’t operate solely on steps of service and thus understanding Beauty Therapy as a whole enables students with the skill and mindset to become an asset to any business.

Education is important, and not just short courses. Use the internet to research, join forums and be present in the current industry trends to keep yourself relevant with techniques and/or services. 

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in beauty?

Jump! There is never any certainty with anything in life, but if your service is in high demand and your books are closed to new clients, it’s time to get someone in and train them up to your standard. Be confident in your dreams and trust in yourself – business is hard and there is no handbook – it’s just yourself and your vision. Get a good accountant, make sure you cross your T’s and dot your I’s because nobody else is going to do it for you. Be strong and work on upskilling yourself and your team – furthering your education and staying up to date is vital!
And most importantly, be the best version of YOU, every day! Because you never know who is watching.

Why do you love your career in beauty therapy?

It gives me the creativity I need to express. There are endless treatments in the beauty industry that can be offered and taught. There are new products constantly being developed and new things to explore. But mostly, as a busy woman myself, I love the feeling that our services give others. Lashes create some kind of invisible confidence boost, some kind of instant gratification that anything is doable and that you just, CAN. There is something about how lashes make you feel, and being able to give that to another woman is an incredible thing to be a part of. A woman creating confidence in another woman with lashes is an addiction in itself. 

Where can people find more information about you?

Our business grew to what it is today from word of mouth. Ask around and ask people in Canberra if they have heard of Battle Lashes. If not, we use Instagram (@battlelash) a lot to keep our followers up to date with what we are doing in the salon. We also have facebook and our website www.battlelashes.com

We are so incredibly grateful to Alex for sharing her experience in the beauty industry.

For more guidance about your future career in beauty therapy, chat to the expert team at ACTI at 02 6176 3411.

A Career In Beauty Therapy: Brooke Harris

A Career In Beauty Therapy: Brooke Harris

Find Your Career in Beauty Therapy

with Brooke Harris

A career in beauty therapy can take you places you may not have considered before. From a career in the traditional spa to a career educating future beauty therapists, there are incredible opportunities available in the beauty industry.

This week on the “A Career in Beauty Therapy” series, we catch up with Brooke Harris – assistant manager, beauty therapist, and Beaute Industrie contributor. We were lucky enough to have Brooke share her career in the beauty industry so far.

Tell us about your career in the beauty industry

I was 15 years old when I discovered a passion for health and well-being. I loved pampering myself and all things luxury. I found my passion for beauty therapy after a makeup application that left me feeling some crazy self-love. After feeling this way, I promised myself to pass this feeling onto someone else.

I was 17 when I enrolled to do a Diploma of Beauty Therapy at Elly Lukas. A year later I completed that course with two international qualifications and two awards under my belt. Whilst studying full time I was also working in a day spa, I worked here for 18 months. When I got comfortable I decided I needed to start something new. I loved my job, but I needed a new challenge.  In mid-2017 I started my role on the other side of the industry. The Clinic. When I started my job in the major cosmetic laser clinic franchise, I was a Junior Therapist when I started here, I had no idea what I was doing, and I was definitely thrown into the deep end.

 6 months later I was promoted to assistant manager.  Whilst being in this role (which I had no idea what I was doing, I very quickly had to learn to adapt and prioritize even the smallest things). I very quickly learned that there was no one to turn to for advice or ask questions to in times of DIRE need.  Whilst these thoughts were brewing Beaute Industrie was born, and I pitched my idea of having someone on board in the industry that could give the best advice or recommendations to. 

Tell us a little about you and your role with Beaute Industrie

I teamed up with Beaute Industrie in 2018 after Tamara’s very first Beaute Brunch, after which I noticed that there were very few support options for budding therapists in the industry. I was left with a burning desire to change that with Beaute Industrie.  My role at Beaute Industrie is to share the information and the challenges, to give advice to budding therapists or to give direction to someone who wanted to enter the industry who might not have an idea where they need to begin.  A therapist may find @bi.therapistbrooke to be valuable as its content is created to help inspire and allow a safe place for questions and curiosities to be answered.

What has been the best part of your career so far?

When studying beauty therapy, you have a couple of times when you sit down and really have to take everything in.  The highlight of my career at this point in time would be winning the Endota Spa Therapist Award through Elly Lukas.  It was a moment where I looked around and saw that all my hard work was recognized and my 5:30 am starts and weekend working had all paid off.  Winning an award like the Endota Award (for me) was fulfilling and overwhelming and has led to many more career opportunities.

What do you love most about the beauty industry?

I would like to see the eradication of prejudices and negativity.  Leave the “every man for himself mentality” behind and start to create a place where information is shared, and businesses strive to encourage growth.

I love the new technologies and research that comes out. I love the constant adaption – no two treatments or days are the same.

When you first enter a treatment room you don’t always know what to expect or how demanding a client can be.  For me, being a beauty therapist is about being able to walk into the treatment room, and take it all in.  It’s like a constant improv reality Tv show.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in beauty?

Be excited about changes and challenges.  You’re always going to need to be able to adapt. Although you are studying beauty therapy you are not limited to be a beauty therapist, – you could mentor, or be an owner, a business development manager the choices are endless. There’s no limit. Don’t be afraid to say “yes” to opportunities and get outside your comfort zone.

What change would you like to see in the beauty industry in the next few years?

I would like to see the eradication of prejudices and negativity.  Leave the “every man for himself mentality” behind and start to create a place where information is shared, and businesses strive to encourage growth.

To find out more about Brooke and Beaute Industrie you can visit her Instagram @bi.therapistbrooke

We are so incredibly grateful to Brooke for sharing her experience in the beauty industry.

For more guidance about your future career in beauty therapy, chat to the expert team at ACTI at 02 6176 3411.

A Career In Beauty Therapy: Belinda Hughes

A Career In Beauty Therapy: Belinda Hughes

Find Your Career in Beauty Therapy

with Belinda Hughes

A career in beauty therapy can take you places you may not have considered before. From a career in the traditional spa to a career educating future beauty therapists, there are incredible opportunities available in the beauty industry.

This week on the “A Career in Beauty Therapy” series, we catch up with Belinda Hughes – Clinic Owner and Natural Beauty Expert, and Skin Therapist. Belinda has had such an exceptional career in beauty and we can’t wait to share her story.

Tell us about your career in the beauty industry

 I started my beauty career in Canberra. I worked at Schick Natural Body Therapies in Kingston while I studied Beauty Therapy and that really shaped the direction that I took in the beauty industry. I wanted to know everything. I was an avid researcher of products and ingredients and that really set me up to build the business I have.

After almost 15 years in the industry, I opened my own clinic in the back on a pharmacy. Within months of opening, I had to move as they were closing down. I then found a room with a podiatrist to rent and then my business took off. Within 12 months I had to move again as I had outgrown the one room space with all the products I stocked.

About 16 months ago I moved four doors down to a two-room space. My husband has joined the business full time and we have over 20 brands in-clinic, a strong website with online booking and e-commerce, as well as the busy clinic.

I have a strong focus on getting people onto the correct products for their skin to heal and correct skin conditions in conjunction with their facial treatments, hence the ‘Skin Clinic’ rather than Day Spa. I strongly believe homecare is 80% of skincare results so clients should be using the correct products rather than the latest product over the counter.

Your clinic has a natural approach to skin care. Tell us about this and why it is important to you.

I had such a strong start in beauty therapy. I started work in a high-end natural beauty focused salon that really shaped me and how I work. During my studies I learned about the impact of free radicals and anti-oxidants on the skin. It made no sense to me why to put free radical causing petro-chemical ingredients in an anti-aging product. It just seemed counterproductive. I strictly work for the health of the skin so it can function at its best.

In my experience skin is always healthier in the long run when using professional antioxidant rich skincare. The skin just comes alive. My customers are very happy when they get these results.

What has been the best part of your career so far?

My career really took off when I started as a Sales Representative with Eminence Organic Skincare. I always thought it was such an amazing brand; I was thrilled to work with them. I still stock them in my clinic today.

The other stand out moment was when I started publishing an online magazine, Natural Beauty Expert, in 2014. That’s when I really started to shape what my current company looks like. Natural beauty is a lifelong passion for me and I love spreading the word far and wide to help as many people as possible with their skin. Natural Beauty Expert has lead to many opportunities such as speaking at expos, promoting brands I believe in, interviewing amazing people and even launching the first 100% natural Bellabox in 2015.  I also really enjoy doing education for other therapists in the industry who are interested in how natural beauty works for the skin.

What do you love most about the beauty industry?

I love helping people, so for me, it’s helping people with their skin. Appearance can really matter to people, especially when they have a skin condition that alters their natural appearance like severe acne or rosacea.

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in beauty?

Be passionate about what you do, because then everything else falls into place. You’re then motivated to seek out more information, work hard and achieve.

What change would you like to see in the beauty industry in the next few years?

I would like more regulations for the beauty industry. I’ve felt like this for years because under trained therapists are being let loose with advanced modalities like laser and skin needling. There should be more of a push for beauty therapists to complete advanced courses specialising in a specific area.

To find out more about Belinda and her amazing clinic you can:

Shop and book online: https://belindahughes.com.au 

Get social on Facebook: www.facebook.com/belindahughesskinclinic

Check out our Instagram: www.instagram.com/belindahughesskin

We are so incredibly grateful to Belinda for sharing her experience in the beauty industry.

For more guidance about your future career in beauty therapy, chat to the expert team at ACTI at 02 6176 3411.

A Career In Beauty Therapy: Ashlee Middleton

A Career In Beauty Therapy: Ashlee Middleton

Find Your Career in Beauty Therapy

with Ashlee Middleton

A career in beauty therapy can take you places you may not have considered before. From a career in the traditional spa to a career educating future beauty therapists, there are incredible opportunities available in the beauty industry.

This week on the “A Career in Beauty Therapy” series, we catch up with Ashlee Middleton. Ashlee has had an incredible career so far with extensive experience in education & training, beauty therapy, and more.

Tell us a little about you!

I knew from the age of 15 that I wanted to be in the beauty industry. When I was in Primary School I remember my Mum taking me to the local beauty salon for a steam and extraction treatment before Netball on Saturdays, which perhaps built the foundation of my love and passion for the beauty industry. I also suffered from hormonal acne as a teenager and as an adult, so I know how this can impact someone’s self-confidence.

I grew up in Albury/Wodonga, so after finishing Year 12 I moved to Canberra and studied my Diploma at Ellebana School of Beauty Therapy.

While I was studying I worked as a Manager at Hungry Jacks (also where I worked while at High School), which gave me really valuable Management experience. It taught me structure, organization, strong work ethic and how to manage people. I honestly believe this experience helped mold the career I have today in the beauty industry.

What has your career in the beauty industry looked like?

I started my career as a beauty therapist working in a Day Spa, but I also spent time over the years working as a therapist and managing beauty salons, and also worked as a cosmetic counter manager for Clarins.

I knew I had a passion for management and training, so in early 2011 I was lucky enough to get a job as a Business Consultant at Dermalogica. This was the turning point in my career. While here, I attended every course I could possibly do, learned everything I could from my colleagues and worked extremely hard to develop my skills. I was really lucky as Dermalogica invest a lot of time into developing their employees.

After 4 years I decided to open my own business, Skin and Beauty Bar, where we offered all beauty treatments, but specialized in skin treatments and spray tanning. I worked across all aspects of the business, including performing treatments, training staff, social media management, accounting, marketing, etc. I sold the business after a few years and secured a position as a Business Development Manager for Skinstitut, which had both sales and training elements. Again, I took all the opportunities available to develop my knowledge and skills. My time at Skinstitut really cemented my love for skin and skin treatments, and really extended my knowledge on ingredients, skin conditions, nutrition and treating the skin from a holistic approach.

I have recently started working for Lumenis, a company that sells Laser-based devices, as an Area Sales Manager. I have really enjoyed learning about the different types of laser machines and their capabilities. It has really expanded my knowledge of the amazing results we can achieve for our clients. This role also allows me to work closely with Dermatologists, Doctors and Plastic Surgeons, which has been very insightful.

Source: @ashleejademiddleton

I am very grateful to have worked in the beauty industry for 12 years, and I feel very privileged that I have a job that I love, and that I enjoy going to work every day. The best part of my career is knowing that along the way, I have helped beauty therapists and fellow colleagues become better at their job and helped develop their knowledge and skills. I have also been very blessed to work with some amazing people.

What advice would you give to someone considering a  career in beauty?

1.There are many career options.

2.Never stop learning and developing your skills.

3.Education is key! Take advantage of the courses your skincare/brand houses offer, even if you have to go in your own time.

4.Utilize industry Facebook groups and learn from your fellow colleagues.

5.Listen to industry based podcasts (I am a self-proclaimed podcast nerd). I personally listen to Beaute Industrie and Inside Aesthetics while I drive and at the gym.

6.Network, network, network!

What do you love most about the beauty industry?

I love that the beauty industry is forever evolving. When I first became a beauty therapist, Microdermabrasion was only just becoming a popular treatment. Now we are performing skin needling, laser treatments, body contouring procedures, cosmetic tattooing and much more.

I also love that we are seeing businesses that specialize in particular services. For example, I visit different businesses for nails, spray tans, waxing, laser and skin treatments.

What change would you like to see in the beauty industry in the next 5-10 years?

More training and development for beauty therapists around client consultation.

More emphasis on treating the skin with a holistic approach, looking at lifestyle and diet factors, and how they can affect the skin.

More training in the Certificate IV and Diploma level training on retail expectations.

An increase in the use of devices in beauty salons and clinics.

We are so incredibly grateful to Ashlee for sharing her experience in the beauty industry.

For more guidance about your future career in beauty therapy, chat to the expert team at ACTI at 02 6176 3411.

A Career In Beauty Therapy: Jessica Peris

A Career In Beauty Therapy: Jessica Peris

Find Your Career in Beauty Therapy

with Jessica Peris

A career in beauty therapy can take you places you may not have considered before. From a career in the traditional spa to a career educating future beauty therapists, there are incredible opportunities available in the beauty industry.

This week on the “A Career in Beauty Therapy” series, we catch up with Jessica Peris – the owner of The Beautique by Jessica Peris in Canberra.
The Beautique by Jessica Peris is not your typical nail or beauty salon. It’s a space that promotes creativity, empowerment and all-round good vibes. A space where you’ll feel happy the moment you walk through the door, right up until your next visit. The team at The Beautique is made up of specialists who only do the services they love.

Tell us a little about you and The Beautique

I started by completing a Cert II in Makeup, and shortly after a course in Nail Technology. Beauty was always an interest of mine, but mainly because I loved how providing treatments and services made people feel, and the power I had to lift them up. After studying nails and makeup and working in the industry as a ‘side job’, I went back to complete my Diploma in Beauty Therapy. 

During my studies, I renovated a tiny corner in my parent’s garage where I did nails. It was about the size of a small bathroom. I took a step back from makeup at that time, as it became quite overwhelming to me, and I didn’t have space with enough natural light to do trials. I focused on nail art and wanted to make it a big thing in Canberra, so practiced any chance I could and advertised free nail art at one point to get good images for my portfolio. 

I eventually bought a home in Harrison where I had a dedicated front room and powder room separate from the house, and I started to focus on bridal makeup again. After a year there I took the plunge to full-time. After 3 years I hired my first staff member, and after 5 years I opened up The Beautique in Franklin. There were a lot of late nights, blood, sweat and tears!

What separates The Beautique from other beauty salons?

Every salon has it’s unique points and feel, but I think what separates us is the fact that I never wanted to open a “salon”. I actually never even worked in a commercial salon. I wanted to create a space that provided a great service, that was warm and inviting, with specialists dedicated to their chosen field. My staff all specialise in their own area of interest because I believe if they love what they do, it will show in their work. Most traditional salons expect staff to be able to do everything, from nails to Brazilian waxing, and I knew I didn’t want my space to be like that. 

What is your approach to achieving healthy looking skin?

My approach is that every person is different, everyone’s skin is different, and everyone’s results need to be achieved using different methods that work best for the individual. I think of it like being on a health and fitness journey – you can’t prescribe everyone the same workout, and you have to factor in their diet and lifestyle. “Diet” is also the most important factor – you can work out as much as you like, but if you’re diet (and in the case of skin, home-care) isn’t on point, you won’t achieve the results you want. You need to be feeding your skin the right nutrients it needs, and when you couple this with additional services such as needling, hydro or microdermabrasion or whatever treatments are best for you, you’ll see the results you’re hoping for. 

What is your favourite treatment to perform?

My area of expertise is in makeup and nails, but when it comes to beauty – I love a good eyebrow shaping! I guess because you can see instant results. I also loved doing facials at beauty school. I don’t do them now, but I loved being able to take the client ‘away’ from life for a moment, feeling them zone out and feel refreshed and relaxed after the treatment. 

What advice would you give to someone considering a career in beauty?

You can do and be anything you wish as long as you’re willing to work hard, practice a lot, and know that there is always room to get better. It’s an industry that’s always evolving, and it’s important to stay open to new advancements, including trends, and keep your finger on the pulse. There are times you will feel stuck, where you need to try and remember why you like the industry in the first place and understand that when working with people, it can get really hard, but the good clients make it worth while. Learn from others in the industry and also, take your time when learning new services. Don’t put pressure on yourself to be quick in the beginning – this is a huge one for me, which can be hard when working in a salon. Clients will appreciate when you take your time, so when you’re studying make sure you practice on people who will let you take your time to perfect your skills.

You’ve created a hub of luxury and modernism within the beauty industry in Canberra. Tell us about your salon.

I want to make sure that when clients walk in they feel welcome and relaxed. When designing my space, I wanted to make sure I could create the right atmosphere. Our space has it’s own personality. Every detail makes a difference – from the music, candles, the tea we serve. If your business focuses on intention to detail, then your space needs to reflect that. I always think about restaurants, and how you can always sense the vibe when you walk into a restaurant, and when the quality of the food and service matches the atmosphere, you’ll usually enjoy your meal have a great time! 

To find out more about The Beautique by Jessica Peris you can visit www.the-beautique.com.au/

We are so incredibly grateful to Jessica for sharing her experience in the beauty industry.

For more guidance about your future career in beauty therapy, chat to the expert team at ACTI at 02 6176 3411.

A Career In Beauty Therapy: Michaella Portelli

Find Your Career in Beauty Therapy

with Michaella Portelli

In many clinics and spas across Australia, a holistic approach is taken to beauty therapy and skin treatments for long-term skin health. This means looking at more than just whats happening on the surface of the skin, and exploring the internal factors that contribute to skin health and function.

This week on the “A Career in Beauty Therapy” series, we chat with the amazing Michaella Portelli – nutritionist, PT and food lover about the importance of healthy living and its impact on beauty therapy.

Michaella is an accredited Nutritionist and a certified PT and group fitness trainer. She completed a Bachelor of Human Nutrition in 2017 at University of Canberra and has been teaching group fitness and PT for over three years. Michaella has always enjoyed food, nutrition and moving her body and so sharing these passions with other people daily, brings her so much joy.

Michaella started her nutrition and PT business, HealthyHer after graduating in 2017. Offering a range of services to her clients including, personalised meal plans, nutrition consultations, personal training and small group fitness, Michaella appreciates that each of her clients are different, with different goals, different circumstances, different lifestyles and different interests. Her clients are her friends and she loves seeing their confidence, happiness and wellbeing improve as they achieve their goals. This is what gives Michaella fulfillment in her career and is one of the reasons she loves what she does.

Now, some of you may be thinking,”what does nutrition have to do with beauty therapy?” And there is a strong link! While most nutritionists don’t perform beauty therapy treatments, they do understand how important proper nutrition is and how it affects our skin health.

What is your experience when it comes to achieving healthy skin from a nutrition perspective?

We need to eat the correct foods to not only give us energy, but to help with recovery and overall health of our organs, muscles and bones. And I am sure you all know what the biggest organ of our body is – our SKIN! So understandably, nutrition plays a MAJOR role in its health, recovery, appearance and aging process.

We can use the most expensive skin products and treatments in the world, though if your diet is out of whack – so will your skin! I recommend drinking plenty of water and consuming nutrients such as: Vitamin A, E, C and Omega-3 fats to improve the moisture and elasticity of the skin. Foods such as nuts, berries, grapes, avocados and salmon should be consumed regularly to obtain these nutrients! Though as with all things, if you have any specific concerns about your skin you should be consulting a professional, such as one of the lovely ladies at ACTI.

You’ve worked in a cosmetic clinic performing a range of different treatments. What did you like most about your time in the beauty industry?

We are all human and we all love a good pampering! One of the things I loved about working in the beauty industry was how relaxed and happy people were after a treatment. I could tell they felt refreshed and confident and this oozed health and happiness. Health is not just about the food we eat or how much we move our body. It is about feeling confident in your body, taking time to spoil yourself and ensuring your mental health is prioritised!

If you could learn anything more in the beauty industry, what would it be and why?

I would love to learn more about how and why different skins react to different products and treatments and whether or not our skin can adapt to these or if we are predisposed to certain treatments! I have really tough skin and can take any amount of skin needling – but if you give me too many chemical peels my skin will break out like crazy! Likewise, I have found my skin reacts best to natural, chemical free face products and is less likely to break out with these products! I wonder if I kept using chemical products and treatments if my skin would adjust or if it would actually do me more harm?

We are so grateful to Michaella for sharing her experience in the beauty industry and how her career in nutrition is so important when considering a holistic approach to beauty therapy.

For more guidance about your future career in beauty therapy, chat to the expert team at ACTI at 02 6176 3411.

A Career In Beauty Therapy: Tamara Shaw

A Career In Beauty Therapy: Tamara Shaw

Find Your Career in Beauty Therapy

with Tamara Shaw

A career in beauty therapy can take you places you may not have considered before. From a career in the traditional spa to a career educating future beauty therapists, there are incredible opportunities available in the beauty industry.

This week on the “A Career in Beauty Therapy” series, we catch up with Tamara Shaw – Founding Director of Beaute Industrie. Tamara is a Community and Content Creator, Podcast lady, Business Developer, Clinical Educator, and self-confessed crazy cat lady.
Tamara is bringing beauty therapists together with Beaute Industrie – a revolutionary change for the beauty industry.  

Tell us a little about you and Beaute Industrie.

An education buff, I am qualified in Resort Management, Marketing Co-Ordinator, Visual Merchandising, Spa and Beauty Therapy, Trans-International Detox, Education and Account Management. With 10+ years experience, my career has allowed me to travel through most pathways and sectors of the beauty industry, which then in April 2018 I self-found the Beaute Industrie community.

In recognising the gap between owners, operators, and therapists through competition in the beauty industry, Beaute Industrie was born as an online support platform for the professional beauty industry. Passionate about community and culture within the professional beauty industry, we relish positive industry change over entertaining competition. Via our online member platform BI PRO, our podcast channel, our networking brunch events and our coaching and mentoring sessions, I connect beauty business owners with their teams, and teams with clients via honest, transparent and inspirational sessions in your space across Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. 

We have recently opened up our Mentoring Program which you can book your next team meeting or event around culture, teamwork, motivation or recruitment. 

We’ve been so amazed with how much you have grown Beaute Industrie over recent months. It is clear that you have such passion and drive in this industry. Tell us about your career in the beauty industry.

My career in the beauty was untypical of many which enter the industry. Most people entering have a love for beauty therapy. Mine was slightly different in that I was a dancer with a lifelong dream to dance. Unfortunately, due to the dancing schools intakes and my high school HSC dates not aligning, I missed the dates to audition for acceptance.

I read through every career course booklet there possibly was and finally found the William Angliss Diploma of Resort Management course which also had a Certificate in Spa Therapy interlinked and that’s where it all began for me.

From here, I upgraded my beauty qualification to study an additional Diploma of Beauty Therapy. I realised during the study that management and people culture were my core strengths and where I found the most happiness.

My career from then to now has lead me working across the world through Steiner Cruise Ships as an International Detox Specialist, a Multi-Site Manager, National Educator for Australia’s largest day spa network and then onto my more recent role as a Business Development Manager for Skinstitut across 5 states and being promoted to Country Manager for New Zealand.

Beaute Industrie is an online community for the professional beauty industry. For those who aren’t familiar, how did Beaute Industrie come about?

In my role as National Educator at Skinstitut, I was the first employee in the company to live interstate from the Head Office. Though I traveled to the office once a month to connect with my team at the time, I did feel isolated in the role and from the industry. I created a Facebook group of 15 of my closest industry friends so we could all keep each other up to date within the industry, share news and support each other. 

Within two years of that group being opened, Facebook alerted me there were 100 people in the group – which was a real shock but also an eye-opener. I knew that we were creating some real and raw conversations that perhaps other Facebook groups weren’t. It was then that I decided to brand the group and create a platform that I could dedicate my energy to and give back to the industry which had served me for the decade prior.

Within 6 months of re-branding, our website was developed, our podcast channel was live, we had hosted 2 events and the word was starting to permeate that we were bringing positivity to the industry!

The beauty industry is getting bigger and bigger. What would you like to see happen within the next 10 years in the beauty industry?

Within the next 10 years, I would love to see the industry become a little more regulated in terms of therapist qualifications.

I believe the safety of the client should always be our priority and qualified, experienced therapists are what our industry needs to continue the growth it deserves – I love that ACTI is helping raise awareness for the industry on this front!

You are doing incredible things in the beauty industry, connecting people in ways they haven’t had the opportunity to before. What do you find people in the beauty industry find most valuable about this platform?

Thank you. Our community is finding the support the most valuable thing about our platform. A community member once said to me “Tamara, I had no idea how much I needed an industry based support network until I joined Beaute Industrie, now I can’t imagine what I was doing beforehand!”. This is the most special thing to me, the fact that people are feeling inspired, motivated and reenergised about the industry!

What would your one piece of advice be for people considering a career in the beauty industry? 

This industry is tricky because it looks so glamorous – and it is, but it’s also hard work! There are days where you will be scrubbing wax off the floor, folding towels and removing other people’s blackheads, and then there are also days where you will heal people through your touch, cry from laughing with your colleagues and change people’s lives through giving them your time and energy. If you are someone who truly wants a career, not just a job, this industry is the best you can get!

If you could learn anything more in the beauty industry, whether it be skin, lashes, facials, what would it be and why?

Great question – so many things! I would learn more about formulating products and cosmetology. I love ingredients and to understand the cosmetic chemistry behind what you’re putting on the skin at a cellular level and to create a range for clients on that level would be pretty special! 

To find out more about Beaute Industrie, you can visit their website, join their membership program, listen to their podcast and attend their events here: www.beauteindustrie.com

Likewise, come in and see what all the fuss is about in the communtiy facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/beauteindustrie/

We are so incredibly grateful to Tamara for sharing her extensive and varied experience in the beauty industry.

For more guidance about your future career in beauty therapy, chat to the expert team at ACTI at 02 6176 3411.

A Career In Beauty Therapy: Nina Pasic

A Career In Beauty Therapy: Nina Pasic

Find Your Career in Beauty Therapy

with Nina Pasic

A career in beauty therapy can take you places you may not have considered before. From a career in the traditional spa to a career educating future beauty therapists, there are incredible opportunities available in the beauty industry.

This week on the “A Career in Beauty Therapy” series, we catch up with makeup artist and entrepreneur, Nina Pasic. You might know Nina by her makeup brand “Makeup By Nins” or her clothing brand “N.Brand”. Nina creates bold, dramatic, but natural makeup looks. We caught up with Nina to discuss all things career, makeup, and her brand.

Tell us about your career in the beauty industry and how you got to where you are today.

If I’m honest, I never saw myself working in the beauty industry. My makeup career is something that just fell into my lap. I had always had an interest in makeup and fashion (ever since I had to do my own stage makeup for dance performances when I was younger) and it’s something that just grew on me.

Ever since I can remember, I was watching YouTube videos (before it became mainstream) and was buying any makeup that I could afford from Priceline so that I could go home and film YouTube videos on my laptop. Luckily for me, those never made it to the internet. The older I got, the more passionate I got about it and I slowly started building my makeup collection and getting more involved in how the beauty industry works.

I always thought that this would just be a hobby, however, as I began studying my Criminology degree at university and had never thought that a makeup career would be possible for me. It wasn’t until a few friends had asked me to do their makeup, and after much convincing from those closest to me that I started my page on Instagram. I genuinely didn’t think that anyone would be interested but to my surprise, I was beginning to book out my weekends within a few weeks of starting my Instagram page and I haven’t looked back since. I’m definitely in it for the long run and I don’t see myself working in any other field. 

In saying this, I wouldn’t be where I am today without my amazing clients and without those who are the closest to me. Their support has been out of this world and I am so grateful for every single person who has helped me come this far. So many have put their trust in me and shown me love and support in any way they can, and I can’t imagine how I’m ever going to repay them. I am truly blessed to have this as a career and my clients are the reason I love what I do more and more every day. 

Source: @makeupbynins_

You have quite an impressive social media following. What’s the most important thing to do when it comes to social media marketing?

 I think that the most important thing about social media marketing is loving what you do. When I first started my page, I thought no-one would be interested and I honestly didn’t mind. I never worried about numbers, I just posted my work and enjoyed sharing all my pictures and the numbers followed. I don’t believe that a following (big or small) defines how talented or hard working a makeup artist is because Instagram is all about algorithm and chance. In saying this, I believe that posting frequently is a contributing factor in gaining a following. Also trying to be real and open getting to know your audience really breaks the ice and makes them feel like they know you on a personal level, which I believe helps them engage with your content.

Apart from makeup, you also have your own brand, N.BRAND. Tell us about this.

Since I can remember, I have always wanted to have a brand of my own. So when I started becoming increasingly interested in beauty and fashion and became a part of this industry it became apparent to me that there were many things that Canberra did not offer to those who are passionate about the same things as I am. Myself, as well as many others that I knew, would always discuss how when looking for certain products it would be hard to find what we’re searching for in-store or if we were to find it online, we would have to wait a while for shipping or the prices would not be as affordable to many as the Australian conversion rates would significantly alter the price we had to pay. 

In addition to this, I found that I had a very specific style, whether it would be beauty or fashion, and it would be hard for me to find exactly what I was looking for. Eventually, when I did find these items, shipping costs and waiting times would be excessive, the product itself seemed like it could be more affordable, and there was always the chance that the order would either get lost in the mail or it would not arrive on time. 

This is why I started N.BRAND. Not only did I want to provide people (along with myself) with products that were suited to my style, but I wanted to ensure that they were affordable. All Canberra N.BRAND orders are packaged and personally delivered within hours of your purchase. Interstate orders are expressed shipped with Australia Post, unless other delivery options can be arranged. If you need a pair of lashes for your night out or realise that you don’t have a pair of shoes that will go with your outfit that you’re wearing that evening, I’ve got you covered.

If you had to give one piece of advice to aspiring makeup artists, what would it be?

 To PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! and to never give up. Don’t feel as if you’re not good enough, or that your talents are not needed in this industry. There is always room for everybody to succeed and there is always room for everyone to improve and grow. 

Nina is also quite well known for her changing hairstyles from short to long, and dark to blonde in a flash. While Sibu Hair takes care of Nina, they also offer joint services to make getting ready for your next event easier. The talented team at Sibu Hair partner with Nina to offer formal and special event packages. You can get your hair and makeup done in one easy place, without any fuss. Contact Nina or Sibu Hair for more information.

We are so incredibly grateful to Nina for sharing her experience in the beauty industry. You can see more about Nina’s Makeup at @makeupbynins_ or N.BRAND at @shop.n.brand. N.BRAND website can be found here:

For more guidance about your future career in beauty therapy, chat to the expert team at ACTI at 02 6176 3411.