This program is designed to give therapists working in beauty therapy, skin or medispa clinics a deeper understanding into skin science, skin treatments and skin function. Course content is designed to provide therapists with the skills and knowledge required to effectively treat and manage various skin conditions at an epidermal, dermal and internal level.

What will I learn?

  • An introduction to skin science, cosmeceuticals, epidermal and dermal therapies
  • An understanding of the various body systems and how they impact skin health and function
  • The skills and knowledge required to analyse client skin conditions and provide advice within the beauty and dermal therapy fields.
  • Ability to apply broad knowledge to skin treatments
  • Skills to implement a holistic approach to skin health and skin treatment programs

Course Content

This course covers two streams giving students an in-depth insight into advanced skin education in two key areas:

  1. Advanced Skin – includes introductory and advanced skin science, skin conditions, cosmeceuticals, epidermal and dermal skin treatments.
  2. Skin & Body Functions – covers body systems, hormones, gut health, nutrition, and holistic approaches to skin consultations

An optional practical component is available for students for the below treatments. Practical training is delivered over an intensive two-day workshop at ACTI in Canberra. Practical training is scheduled on an individual basis and includes:

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Superficial peels
  • Skin needling

The 11 units in the BOLD Program are:

1.1 Introduction to skin science
This unit is designed to give therapists an understanding of skin structure and function at an epidermal and dermal level. Includes cell roles and functions, layers of the skin, barrier function, and wound healing.

1.2 Skin Conditions
This unit includes the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of many common skin conditions including acne, rosacea, pigmentation, signs of ageing, and dermatitis.

1.3 Cosmeceuticals
Cosmetic science knowledge is essential for skin therapists recommending over the counter and prescription-like skin care. This unit focuses on evidence-based approaches to cosmeceutical grade skin care used in a dermatology setting. Structured around ingredients rather than brands.

1.4 Epidermal Skin Treatments
This unit is a comprehensive unit focusing on the theoretical principles of epidermal therapy procedures and the epidermis as a skin structure. Lectures take an evidence-based approach covering principles of microdermabrasion, superficial peels, and cosmetic ingredients.

1.5 Dermal Skin Treatments
This unit focuses on the theoretical principles of dermal therapy procedures and the dermis as a skin structure. Lectures take an evidence-based approach covering principles of medium-deep peels, skin needling, light-based technology, and radiofrequency

1.6 Skin Science Advanced
This unit provides further analysis into the skin. Covers the normal and abnormal functions of the skin and the internal factors affecting skin health. Provides a deeper insight into pigmentary disorders, vascular skins, and factors affecting skin ageing.

2.1 Body Systems
This unit provides an overview of the lymphatic, immune, digestive and endocrine systems and their relation to skin and beauty therapy treatments.

2.2 Hormones
This unit focuses on the endocrine system and hormones and their effect on the skin. Lectures include analysis of adrenal glands, thyroid and pituitary glands, and hormones and how they can contribute to various skin conditions.

2.3 Gut Health
This unit focuses on the digestive system and its link to healthy skin. Includes introduction to gut health, the microbiome, supplementation, and the importance of a holistic skin care approach.

2.4 Nutrition & Beauty Therapy
This unit provides an introduction to nutrition and its role in a holistic approach to treating skin conditions. Lectures cover an introduction to nutrition including vitamins and minerals and their effect on skin function.

2.5 Holistic Approach to Skin Consultations
This unit combines knowledge learned in previous units to provide advice and recommendations to clients in skin consultations using a holistic approach. Includes importance of diet and lifestyle, stress and hormones, and their effect on the skin.

Application Requirements

All applicants wishing to complete this program must:

  • Complete the application form including the academic study skills component
  • Participate in an interview via phone or email to determine your study goals and suitability to the program

What is the level of study?

This is a non-accredited training course designed for beauty therapists, dermal therapists, cosmetic nurses, or skin therapists seeking to advance their skin knowledge and understanding. This is an advanced training program recommended for therapists with a basic understanding of skin function at a beauty therapy level.

Credit and Recognition of Prior Learning

No credit transfer or recognition of prior learning is available for this program.

Investment & Fees

The 12 Week Skin Program for Advanced Therapists is $3500 and includes:

  • Access to learning material
  • Delivery and printing of learning manual
  • Access to private support group
  • Individual support coach and mentor throughout the program
  • Certification upon successful completion of course

Students have the option to add on the practical component for $500 per day which runs over two consecutive days at ACTI, Braddon.

Teaching and Learning Resources

The learning resources combined for this program are combined of lectures, tutorials, self-directed study, and self-paced workbooks.
Lectures and tutorials involve online contact with lecturers who are qualified and experienced across a range of dermal therapy specialties. Students will have access to learning materials through email contact with their support person.

Getting Started

Take the next step to achieve your bold vision in the beauty industry and enrol now with ACTI. Apply now for the 12-Week Program using the application form found on our website at or download the form here. Complete the form and email to our Admissions Advisor at Our Admissions Advisor will contact you in regards to your application.