Beauty Apprenticeship


Apprenticeships in the Beauty Industry are a well-kept secret, but we are trying to remove this veil and get more Beauty Students into jobs and working in our amazing industry.

ACTI is an approval training provider for apprenticeship training Subsidy that is funded by Skills Canberra. The subsidies allow ACTI to significantly reduce the cost of courses so that it is a more affordable option for those who are passionate about working in the beauty industry.

Earn while you learn apprenticeship options

When most people think of apprenticeships in the beauty industry the first career that pops in your mind is hairdressing. Would it surprise you to know that you can also be an apprentice while studying to become a beauty therapist. Apprenticeships offer the ability for you to earn a wage while you are studying. On top of all that the Government provides a training subsidy which means your school fees are reduced(a). If you need more reasons than earning while you are learning your job then here are 5 more reasons.

Here are five more reasons why we think doing an apprenticeship or traineeship is a great idea.

  1. You’ll be extremely employable as you have been gaining practical skills while studying;
  2. You’ll get to earn while you learn;
  3. You can test drive a career;
  4. Mentorship and coaching is available while you are learning your skills; and
  5. It’s about who you know – allowing you wider career options after your apprenticeship.

(a) The training subsidies are provided directly to the Training provider. Approval of the subsidy as part of the training is not a guarantee.

Student Eligibility

To be eligible for an ACT training contract, students must:

  • work in the ACT, and
  • be at least 15 years of age, and
  • be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or New Zealand passport holder resident for more than 6 months, or
  • an eligible visa holder, and
  • receive remuneration for your work, and
  • complete a minimum of 15 hours combined work and training per week, and
  • undertake an approved Australian Apprenticeships qualification with an approved registered training organisation, as listed on the ACT Qualifications Register, and
  • have the required supervision in the workplace for an Australian Apprentice.

The Apprenticeship scheme is funded by the ACT Government and more information about Apprenticeships can be found

Australian School-Based Apprenticeships

In late 2020, ACTI worked, closely with the ACT government to expand the Australian school-based apprenticeship (ASBA) scheme to include SHB50115 Diploma of Beauty Therapy. Traditionally ASBAs have been taken up by students that are in the electrical, plumbing or traditional trades. That is not the case, ASBAs can be for a wider range of industry skills.

What does that mean? For students at high school moving into their college years BUT are keen to start to their careers they can do an beauty course as part of the ASBA while still at school.

To start an ASBA, students will need to discuss the options with their school career advisor. Selected a Registered Training Organisations such as ACTI to enrol in an approved apprenticeship course.

Apprenticeships can only occur if the student is employed in a related industry. So once employment is sealed. The paperwork is undertaken by an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Provider.

ACTI will assist enrolled students with the process and linking people together where necessary.

For more information about eligibility and ASBAs please go to


Taking on an apprentice or trainee can bring ‘new life’ into the workplace through a fresh perspective and innovative ideas. It also provides an opportunity for long term staff members to impart their knowledge and skills, ensuring valuable ‘tricks of the trade’ are passed on to future generations. While the apprentice is learning, they are creating bonds with you as an employer and usually this creates a longer lasting work relationship.

The Apprenticeship scheme is funded by the ACT Government and more information about Apprenticeships can be found

Meet and Greet

ACTI prides itself with having strong links with the beauty industry. We understand our sector and by working with employers it gives us an insight into the type of employee that may best suit their business. To help develop those relationships between students and employer ACTI holds regular ‘meet and greet’ events.

A ‘meet and greet’ is when ACTI invites local employers to meet our ACTI students for the purpose of creating early connections (before the student graduates) to potentially offer them a job. The ‘meet and greet’ are a good opportunity to commence the apprenticeship journey.

Feedback on the ‘meet and greet’ from employers, career advisors, parents and students has been very positive and ACTI will continue to hold these events.