Find Your Career in Beauty Therapy

with Tamara Shaw

A career in beauty therapy can take you places you may not have considered before. From a career in the traditional spa to a career educating future beauty therapists, there are incredible opportunities available in the beauty industry.

This week on the “A Career in Beauty Therapy” series, we catch up with Tamara Shaw – Founding Director of Beaute Industrie. Tamara is a Community and Content Creator, Podcast lady, Business Developer, Clinical Educator, and self-confessed crazy cat lady.
Tamara is bringing beauty therapists together with Beaute Industrie – a revolutionary change for the beauty industry.  

Tell us a little about you and Beaute Industrie.

An education buff, I am qualified in Resort Management, Marketing Co-Ordinator, Visual Merchandising, Spa and Beauty Therapy, Trans-International Detox, Education and Account Management. With 10+ years experience, my career has allowed me to travel through most pathways and sectors of the beauty industry, which then in April 2018 I self-found the Beaute Industrie community.

In recognising the gap between owners, operators, and therapists through competition in the beauty industry, Beaute Industrie was born as an online support platform for the professional beauty industry. Passionate about community and culture within the professional beauty industry, we relish positive industry change over entertaining competition. Via our online member platform BI PRO, our podcast channel, our networking brunch events and our coaching and mentoring sessions, I connect beauty business owners with their teams, and teams with clients via honest, transparent and inspirational sessions in your space across Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. 

We have recently opened up our Mentoring Program which you can book your next team meeting or event around culture, teamwork, motivation or recruitment. 

We’ve been so amazed with how much you have grown Beaute Industrie over recent months. It is clear that you have such passion and drive in this industry. Tell us about your career in the beauty industry.

My career in the beauty was untypical of many which enter the industry. Most people entering have a love for beauty therapy. Mine was slightly different in that I was a dancer with a lifelong dream to dance. Unfortunately, due to the dancing schools intakes and my high school HSC dates not aligning, I missed the dates to audition for acceptance.

I read through every career course booklet there possibly was and finally found the William Angliss Diploma of Resort Management course which also had a Certificate in Spa Therapy interlinked and that’s where it all began for me.

From here, I upgraded my beauty qualification to study an additional Diploma of Beauty Therapy. I realised during the study that management and people culture were my core strengths and where I found the most happiness.

My career from then to now has lead me working across the world through Steiner Cruise Ships as an International Detox Specialist, a Multi-Site Manager, National Educator for Australia’s largest day spa network and then onto my more recent role as a Business Development Manager for Skinstitut across 5 states and being promoted to Country Manager for New Zealand.

Beaute Industrie is an online community for the professional beauty industry. For those who aren’t familiar, how did Beaute Industrie come about?

In my role as National Educator at Skinstitut, I was the first employee in the company to live interstate from the Head Office. Though I traveled to the office once a month to connect with my team at the time, I did feel isolated in the role and from the industry. I created a Facebook group of 15 of my closest industry friends so we could all keep each other up to date within the industry, share news and support each other. 

Within two years of that group being opened, Facebook alerted me there were 100 people in the group – which was a real shock but also an eye-opener. I knew that we were creating some real and raw conversations that perhaps other Facebook groups weren’t. It was then that I decided to brand the group and create a platform that I could dedicate my energy to and give back to the industry which had served me for the decade prior.

Within 6 months of re-branding, our website was developed, our podcast channel was live, we had hosted 2 events and the word was starting to permeate that we were bringing positivity to the industry!

The beauty industry is getting bigger and bigger. What would you like to see happen within the next 10 years in the beauty industry?

Within the next 10 years, I would love to see the industry become a little more regulated in terms of therapist qualifications.

I believe the safety of the client should always be our priority and qualified, experienced therapists are what our industry needs to continue the growth it deserves – I love that ACTI is helping raise awareness for the industry on this front!

You are doing incredible things in the beauty industry, connecting people in ways they haven’t had the opportunity to before. What do you find people in the beauty industry find most valuable about this platform?

Thank you. Our community is finding the support the most valuable thing about our platform. A community member once said to me “Tamara, I had no idea how much I needed an industry based support network until I joined Beaute Industrie, now I can’t imagine what I was doing beforehand!”. This is the most special thing to me, the fact that people are feeling inspired, motivated and reenergised about the industry!

What would your one piece of advice be for people considering a career in the beauty industry? 

This industry is tricky because it looks so glamorous – and it is, but it’s also hard work! There are days where you will be scrubbing wax off the floor, folding towels and removing other people’s blackheads, and then there are also days where you will heal people through your touch, cry from laughing with your colleagues and change people’s lives through giving them your time and energy. If you are someone who truly wants a career, not just a job, this industry is the best you can get!

If you could learn anything more in the beauty industry, whether it be skin, lashes, facials, what would it be and why?

Great question – so many things! I would learn more about formulating products and cosmetology. I love ingredients and to understand the cosmetic chemistry behind what you’re putting on the skin at a cellular level and to create a range for clients on that level would be pretty special! 

To find out more about Beaute Industrie, you can visit their website, join their membership program, listen to their podcast and attend their events here:

Likewise, come in and see what all the fuss is about in the communtiy facebook group here:

We are so incredibly grateful to Tamara for sharing her extensive and varied experience in the beauty industry.

For more guidance about your future career in beauty therapy, chat to the expert team at ACTI at 02 6176 3411.